After months and months of deliberating whether I should get a blog or not, I finally told myself “It’s 2012, fresh start, and it’s now or never Daniel,” and so I started gearing myself towards having my dream fashion writing space where it’s my rules, my interests, my time and a whole lotta opinions. Miss Miuccia Prada also unknowingly pushed me into starting my own blog when she presented her uber desirable Fall/Winter 2012 menswear collection during Milan Fashion Week earlier this month. Miuccia’s strong tailoring made me think “Go big or go home,” and the timing to start my blog felt absolutely right.

Like you’ve read above, my name is Daniel (-duh!) and I’m 22. Die hard monochromatic edge-kinda guy with an equally as die hard love for prints and all that is eccentric, quirky and chic. Why a fashion blog? Whether it’s scrolling through Twitter to see who-presented-what during fashion week, turning Milan upside down looking for those infamous Prada shoes or being on the look-out for what the peeps are wearing when out on the streets, fashion makes up most of my trail of thought throughout the days, or shall I say…runway of thought? Well that and writing being my other main passion.

Mustering up all the self-discipline and stamina I’ll need to keep this up will be a work in progress. I’m thinking runway, trends, fashion news, artsy events that tickle my fancy, new talent I come across and all the fashion hoo-hah’s in between and more. 2012 is shaping up to be the year of new beginnings. Intrigued? Excited? Yes? Yes?!?! Then that makes two of us! Stay tuned for more blog posts and click here to like the Facebook page in the meantime. As for me, I’ll be smiling and staring at the fruits of all the hard work. Pun intended.