“What is good taste?” is one of those tricky fashion questions everyone tries to avoid. And understandably so. 9 times out of 10 you will be catapulted into a vortex of fashion arguements involving personal style, “But that’s not current!”, so on and so forth. Usually finishing off with both parties playing silent games.

Rewind back to the showings for the Spring/Summer 2012 season and one particular show really hit something: Meadham Kirchhoff. I’ve been wanting to write about the wonder-lust ready-to-wear show since last September, so that’s quasi-4 months of searching ‘Meadham Kirchhoff’ on Tumblr, giggling and thinking. The show certainly doesn’t help in the fight against those who think ‘London Fashion Week is the wackiest fashion week’ but it compensates all that and more with the sense of freedom it evokes.

Not everyday you see a show start off with an army of baby doll girls – decked in silk and matching tights obviously – powdering their faces as they walk into a circle, pause and dance like, well, you have to see it. Then came the models. Walking high above the Courtney Love-lookalikes-still-dancing with their clown-ish creepers. I personally coined that but that’s not important.

The coup de théâtre included lace-trimmed brocade dresses, pastel marabou coats, embroidered knitwear and cropped wool jackets that rival any luxury counterpart in the market right now and enough neon and rhinestone knickers to last you a lifetime. Everything from hearts to teddy bears to cartoons were appliquéd on the pieces making everyone, including me, “Awwhhh!”. Oh and the couture-worthy showpieces were presented on a huge cake! While some downright dismissed this over-girly image Edward Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff sent down the runway, I say there’s something very powerful and oddly moving in the stripped-of-taste the collection emphasized. If there’s a Meadham Kirchhoff fanbase, I’m totes down for it.

And don’t let the theatrics fool you – some pieces are much more wearable than they look outside the candy heaven context Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff put together. That and the craftsmanship being as top notch as it gets. Will the collection see its way to the shops and sell sell sell? Probably not. Will it warm your heart and make you dream? Definitely. Collections like this soar high and transcend questions of good taste, pushing freedom so that maybe, just maybe, fashion doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.

Oh and it made the Anna Wintour smile. That’s got to be good right?