Disclaimer – bear with me I am officially blogging from the roughest ferry ride I’ve been on in a while and I’ve got about 20 minutes – so go serious blogger mode on. People who know me know I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with everything that is monochrome. As much as I may love prints and the occasional bright colour, black is what ┬áreally defines my aesthetic. I try to change it up every now and then but I find myself going back to black and grey all the time. The Versace X H&M bomber jacket and green tees? My relationship with that green lasted less than Kim Kardashian’s marriage. And to think the long cold wait I had to endure in Milan. Oh well. Donatella’s worth it.

Onto the blog post subject just in case you hadn’t figured it out with that big Olsen on top ha! I still remember the time I discovered the Olsen twins, namely Mary-Kate. Well not really discovered, but I got into the whole ‘people obsessing about what they’re wearing’ thing. This was years back and I have to say I still feel the same way whenever I see a new papped photo of the duo. The 25-year old entrepreneurs pioneered the ‘homeless’ look and have come a long way since then. Their matured style is more grunge chic – furs, leather, oversized knits, ill-fitting drapes and the main antagonist, black.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING thrills me more than an all-black outfit and Mary-Kate does it so flawlessly and effortlessly. Actually, seeing her black ensembles might have pushed me into the black aesthetic whirlpool I’m in, but that might need some deeper reconstruction to verify, but we all don’t wanna hear about that right? Long story short: MKO is my queen of black.

This sounded more and more like an adoration post than a blog post. But that’s what you get when the time frame for blogging is a ferry ride. And a very rough swing to the left swing to the right one too. Dedication, I say.