I’m one of those peeps that doesn’t usually get the hype behind magazine covers. I’m more of a content junkie rather than a ‘buy-for-cover’ kinda person so that makes magazine purchasing a bit more time consuming than I’d like. One time I standed in Agenda Bookshop for about 45 minutes flipping through Vogue US, Vogue UK, Elle, Dazed & Confused and God knows how many other little booklets of inspiration. The very polite storekeeper walked over and asked me if everything was okay and if I needed any help. I remember mumbling something around the lines of “Anything by Alexandra Shulman is an auto-no no,” as I put the Vogue UK back on the stand shaking my head. At that point the lady probably thought I was crazy – a boy talking to himself over simple magazine choosing? Needless to say, she walked away.

So when I heard about the i-D magazine Pre-Spring 2012 ‘Whatever The Weather’ issue having a whopping 12 covers celebrating the Chinese year of the dragon I thought it was an unnecessary overkill of sorts. Yes readers you read it right, t-w-e-l-v-e! 4 for the newsstands and 8 getting the online-only treatment. Then I continued reading and came across the key name that changed everything – Chen Man. Chen Man is a Beijing-born fashion photographer that revolutionized fashion photography in China. Heck, she IS Chinese fashion photography. Combining her camera skills with post-production 3D magic she created her own photography style and won my heart over in the long run.

Having stopped at the name ‘Chen Man’ I had to check it out and see what the raving was all about. Awe, raw and absolute awe. Of course add Chinese/Asian/Korean models and you’ll have me coming back for more. It’s all that much worse when the models in question also happen to be favourites of mine: Li Zheng, Quncuo, Pan Yan and Meng Lu.┬áChen Men did an immaculate job showcasing 12 distinct power beauty looks in collaboration with Terry Barber, MAC’s Director of Make-up Artistry. Just sit back, scroll down and witness the real deal. So refreshing to see the power of creativity presented so beautifully.