Grabbing The Sunday Times and having a read over coffee was extra special yesterday cos I was interviewed for a feature! If you missed out on grabbing a copy, you can read the entire article after the jump. Thank you Iggy Fenech and The Sunday Times for the wonderful interview and article!

Devil Wears Pra-duh’s Daniel Azzopardi tells Iggy Fenech all about his style, his latest successes and how it all began.

Having just hit the 10,000 mark on his Facebook page and won the first ever Fashion Blogger Award at the 2014 Malta Fashion Awards, Daniel Azzopardi of Devil-Wears-Pra-Duh fame has definitely had a successful year.

With so much under his belt and more to come, he is someone to keep up with in the future. But before we get there, here is Daniel Azzopardi in his own words.

On how his blog started. Back before I had a blog, I was really bored with my job and my general routine, so I wanted to do something fun on the side. One Sunday, my friends and I were hanging out and one of them said that I was extremely funny and suggested I start a blog. I was like, “Me? A blogger?”

I didn’t think about it for a while, until a couple of months later I realized I was following a lot of fashion and lifestyle blogs myself. So I decided to go for it.

Taking the plunge wasn’t hardm but the first wave of criticism and nasty comments were difficult to handle. It got better and easier after that though… The blog’s name took some time too. I wanted it to sound ‘fashion’ with a bit of humour – I guess I nailed that one at least, right?

On gaining 10,000 followers and winning Fashion Blogger of the Year. Having 10,000 followers is crazy. Sometimes it’s a bit daunting knowing all these people follow my each and every move. But then I remember these are the same people who make me really happy with their comments and messages of support, so it’s all good. As for celebration… I don’t know, maybe some more shopping? Ha!

I really couldn’t believe that I won the blogger award. I’m still punching myself. I feel really honoured, so excuse me while I scream. Joking apart, however, I’m just really happy and thankful. It’s my win and my followers’ win – it wouldn’t be the same or possible without them.

On his inspiration and on how he’s an inspiration. From the e-mails and messages I get, I think I push people into being more adventurous when it comes to playing with their personal style. I also keep it real by showing both the good and the bad sides of fashion. And unlike most people here in Malta, I don’t sugarcoat anything.

When it comes to being inspired, however, I don’t think there is a fixed source. It could be anything or anyone. I really like to analyse what people wear out on the streets and it’s the little things and the details that make all the difference. And obviously the usual suspects – fashion editors, bloggers, Instagram, architecture – make a difference to my style too.

On having a personal style. Fashion trends get refreshed every couple of months but style stays with you forever. Having said that, I still think fashion is important to keep the wheel of inspiration and creativity going. When you know your personal style well enough, you get to choose things from fashion that can go well with what you’ve got going on and improve your style altogether. Ultimately, fashion says ‘Me too!’ while style screams ‘Just me!’, so I’m all team style.

I also think that style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, how you feel and how you want others to see you on any given day. It’s an expression, reflection and – why not – a celebration of yourself.

In fact, someone once told me that clothes say a lot about the person beneath them, and I believe that.

On getting dressed in the morning. The process of dressing myself takes a maximum of 10 minutes, so I guess it’s very instinctive. I know what I like and I just take things that fit my mood on that particular day. In fact, steer away if you see me wearing head-to-toe black because it probably means I’m having a bad day.

I also want to point out the fact that there isn’t as much stuff to play with when it comes to menswear as opposed to womenwear. They get skirts, dresses, heels, gowns and crop tops, as well as out tops, trousers, shorts, jackets? So unfair, guys!

On having your own style. I can understand why some would never see themselves in some of the outfits I wear. I mean, of course they wouldn’t because it’s my style at the end of the day. In fact, it’s all about finding your style lane, staying true to yourself and wearing the gear that best represents you. Like I always say: you do you best.

Having said that, fashion doesn’t have to be serious all the time to be really good. Some people take things too seriously and forget that it needs to be fun and personal – and that’s why I blog.

On Malta’s fashion scene. I think that even though we’re a small country and our resources are limited, our fashion scene is moving in the right direction. We do have the talent and we have our own Malta Fashion Week, which is getting bigger each year.

Words by Iggy Fenech at The Sunday Times


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