If you guys follow me on social media, you are bound to have come across the wave of Gagliardi posts I shared last weekend. For those of you who haven’t… 1) Why aren’t you following me more attentively?! And more importantly 2) Gagliardi has opened it’s first store in Malta! That’s right – not Gagliardi within a Bortex store – but a whole store dedicated to all things Gagliardi.

I made my way to Pjazza Tigne for the opening party and it was really refreshing to see all the gents dressed up in their favourite Gagliardi suit. A party where all the men bring their style A-game is a good party as far as I’m concerned. Add an Instagram photo booth and a caricaturist (she drew me hey!) to the best crowd ever and you have a pretty unforgettable evening.

The store is a really intimate space with decor that is sure to give men a really nice experience whether they’re shopping for a suit or just an accessory. The way it’s set up reminds me of a toolbox – everything you might need to complete your outfit is within reach, and shown off in a way to spark your imagination. Options are abundant. And speaking of things you might need… Gagliardi’s current stock is incredible! I need everything checked so I’ll be checking back often. See what I did there?

The next day, in one of my many public service announcements I jokingly said I only wear Gagliardi suits without giving it much thought. But after a bit of thinking (and scrolling on Instagram) I realized I really only wear their suits. It was Gagliardi the night I won the Fashion Blogger Award, at all the weddings I attended, and yup you guessed it… Gagliardi every other time I was expected to show up somewhere in a smoking suit. So just like this brand accompanied me through the many happy moments in my life, I’m happy to have been a witness of this milestone for Gagliardi.

Gagliardi is now open at Pjazza Tigne, Tigne Point, Sliema. Photos by Kurt Paris