I was throwing one of my tantrums with a friend this time last year. Well I was mostly spending recklessly during the sales and she was trying to make me feel better.

She argued that it’s not about how much money you spend, but about how much you save. Ha! Looking back and I think… Nonsense. While a garment that goes from a bazillion €€€ down to €200 would seem like a steal… I ask, “Is it really?” Thing is most of us (I hope) go into the sales with some sort of wishlist. But do we come out with the same items we hoped for?

Maybe. And err… What else?

A printed coat, a funky jumper, a pair of shoes that aren’t even comfortable. But hey… SALES!!! Right? So here’s me trying to lessen the chances of sale roadkill with the 5 questions you should ask yourself before you pick up that odd thing on the sale racks.

1. Do you have something in your wardrobe that looks awfully similar? Nothing sucks more than going home with a black dress with a white collar and finding… Another black dress with a white collar. Whoops? Basics disobey this rule.

2. Is the price fooling you? Oh boy this happens to me all the time. Sometimes a price is so low that it makes you think you need it. “OMG you guys these shoes are only €15!!! I have to have it right?” Aftermath: The shoes are kind of very specific and you don’t get that much wear out of them.

3. Would you have bought it at it’s 100% price? If the item didn’t attract you when you first saw it months ago then this sudden excitement might be a sign you’re in ‘Sale Faux Pas’ territory.

4. Does it work with things already in your wardrobe? It’s always a good idea to go into the sale battlefield knowing which pieces of the puzzle you’re missing. Those €35 ankle boots work with dresses, shirts, and go from day to night seamlessly? Get ’em.

5. Are you even gonna friggin’ wear it? That’s right – the most basic and logical of questions is sometimes the one you overlook. Where the feck are you gonna wear THAT thing? Seriously. You’re not saving any money if you get something you’re not wearing.

So here we go. Happy $hopping! ($ad bank account). Tell me about your sale finds!


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