And just like that people… It’s 2015. I hope you all got to close off the chapter that is 2014 in a good way whether it’s in bed at home watching trashy TV, stuffing your face at some dinner and realizing all you got in 2014 was fat, or drinking and dancing the night away and getting Herbees at 4am after that. That’s me in case you’re wonderin’.

I hate to be the spoilsport on the first day of the year but man I hate New Year’s Eve! For starters men wear suits thinking they can only wear suits on the night. I wore a disheveled shirt under a double-breasted (lady) blazer with a neckerchief so ya know YOLO and stuff. Girls bust out their sequins on this one night then poof! All gone. Wear sequins all year round ladies! No harm in a little sparkle. Especially now after that Dior show.

Then you wake up in the morning and hear a 22-year old guy lost his life in a tragic accident and it really puts things into perspective. Life is short. My friend Ann was driving us home around the time of the accident and we had to make a detour. We knew it was bad but not this bad. This is a proper punch in the gut. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Meilak family during this very difficult time.

So 2015… What do we do with you? This is the year to not give a funk. Wear those jeans that make your ass look this big and throw your hands in the air like ya just don’t care. Laugh at yourself! Laugh at your flaws and love them too. DON’T go on ASOS cos 70% sale and oh shit Visa statements. This red thang is cute though. And most importantly… Live. Live your life to the fullest. Do what makes you happy and you do you girl. Happy New Year! Have a great 2015 people.

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