Ah London, land of fantastical and emotive dreamers. Or how I like to call it… The land of ‘Why the heck didn’t I think about that one before?’

For example, I didn’t think about using swirling lines of fabric to showcase ‘sex’ and deliver an all-new take on sexual dressing. That would be Christopher Kane and dayum that was a good good show.

Another good one came from London rising star J.W. Anderson. You know there’s ‘80s and there’s unapologetic no-holding-back ‘80s? The latter was delivered and there was so much lame. So much fun.

Erdem reminded everyone what Erdem does best: beautiful dresses. A curveball came in the form of complex textiles and frayed hems. And oh there were coats that looked like they were dipped in Susie Bubble’s closet. Me gusta.

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Meanwhile Peter Pilotto dished out all his tricks on his board game of sorts. What he was playing though is a game of process, fabrication and technique, and the white looks juxtaposed this mish mash quite perfectly.

Roksanda threw her hands in the air and screamed, “COLOUR! FUR! YOLO!” and everyone approved the maximalist’s shout of joy. Also, heartbreakingly spectacular set.

Speaking of maximalists… Mary Katrantzou. This time around she took the image we all love her for as faced it off against her idea of minimalism. The battle between unconventional materials and familiar silhouettes happened on a foamy pink runway, and everyone was a victor.

So I guess this is where I thank London for being the reason we dream the way we do. Thank you for delivering fashion that accels in both commerce and creativity with a capital ‘C’.

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