They say what you wear shows people how you feel at the time, which makes this Charles & Ron shirt special in more ways than one. Truth is I haven’t been this ‘flamboyant’ in a very long time. Mind you, I hate the word – for me a shirt and a print are exactly that, nothing more and nothing less. But we know how people look at things that are outside the norm especially on a dude.

I feel like I have avoided this side of my style this past year, all because I wanted to put myself into a style that is not inherently mine. Which in turn has lead me to be really disconnected with my fashion blog (hence the lack of posts) and left me really confused and torn about what makes Daniel ‘Daniel’. It’s ironic how I always tell people to wear what they want and be themselves yet in the end I fell for this self-doubt nonsense myself.

But thankfully I’m on the right track again. I guess this is me telling myself to own who you are and not be ashamed of it. Maybe it was the inspirational air at Milan Fashion Week that brought me back to my senses? Or maybe it was just a shirt.

Shirt and necklace by Charles & Ron
Photography by Carlton Agius