Can we get a bit real about the holiday season? Sugar is in full swing and so are the Christmas songs, love is in the air (or on your dating apps) but for some of us, more often than not it means crippling loneliness. Don’t worry I’m not gonna get all dark during the most jolly time of the year, but hear me out. I can’t help but feel that my fashion ‘stuff’ has put a wedge in my relationships and dating life. It’s usually all fun and games until they get to know about what I do on the internet, then it’s cricket sounds. To make things worse I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, and a bad one at that too. Like where are the gentlemen at? I don’t know, love notes? Something tells me I’m gonna be wandering these streets alone for a while.

I’m wearing a Gagliardi grey three-piece suit, which is checked and goes perfectly with the ‘romantic’ mood of this editorial. Fun fact: it’s the first time I wore a three-piece look and I get it now. The sophisticated feeling is through the roof. The optimist in me still believes there are good people out there, and so until I cross paths with one I’ll be dressed to the nines, ready for a candle-lit evening and roaming the streets of our romantic Mdina in this beautiful look.

Total look by Gagliardi
Photography by Bernard Polidano