Hey guys! If you have read my latest Instagram post then you may know that 2017 wasn’t my favourite of years. But with great challenges come great lessons I guess? I wrote down a list of the 17 things I learned last year and I want you to let me know what you think or what you learned.

1. Being single is fine. We don’t need better halves cos we’re not halves, we’re wholes. And therefore it’s okay to be by yourself. When another best whole comes around… imbaghad naraw lol.

2. I love Barcelona. I have travelled to so many beautiful places but Barcelona is the only place where I actually see myself living there. The lifestyle, the streets, the FOOD. Not that it’s gonna happen… but ya know…

3. It’s totally okay to unfollow someone if all their little ‘social media botti’ ruin your day. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

4. Take time off. Most of the time, the only person who can help you is well… you. Take time off. Do what you love. And don’t give an explanation.

5. Have a goal. Make a plan. I had so many things planned for 2017 that didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel cos I was a poor planner. But I learned from my mistakes and I am not repeating it this year. Stay tuned.

6. Sometimes dreams do come true. I learned this in September when I was invited to the Tommy Hilfiger show in London. To be honest I was in disbelief it was actually happening till the minute I walked inside. I knew I worked hard for it, and that I deserved it, but “Why little Gozitan boy Daniel?” the back of my head kept saying. Maybe it’s time I give myself a pat on the back and just enjoy the ride I have built for myself.

7. I have too many jackets. Lol. This is for you mum. Should I open a Depop account and part ways with some? The closet space is err… tight.

8. The older you get, the more you need to watch your food. The struggle of cutting down on carbs, gluten and dairy while people are tagging you in every pizza post they see on Facebook. My heart aches and my stomach growls.

9. Negativity? Barra. If someone is constantly bringing you down or killing your VIBE… give them a bye Felicia and walk away.

10. Stop complaining. Or try to. We live our lives complaining about the stupidest things. My cappuccino has too much foam. I missed the ferry. Blah blah blah. But those aren’t real problems. We’re all incredibly lucky to have our health.

11. No one will ever put your needs before their own. So you do the fucking same. Actually no there is one person, and that is your mother.

12. Suits are fun. Needless to say… my personal style has changed (or rather evolved?) a lot over the past few years. Namely this past year and my love affair with suits and tailoring. I guess it boils down to the fact the way they make a guy feels is unparalleled. Bortex and Gagliardi, thank you for teaching me the ropes.

13. Good things come to those who work for them. It’s very easy to fall into a vortex of procrastination when you’re working from home but you need to get up, do some squats and run out the door.

14. It is not okay to let love drama effect your work. Oh boy. So much I wanna say about this one but I’ll just say this was one of the hardest to learn for me, and I’m sure I will fail at it again. Cos I’m a fucking emotional Pisces.

15. We’re all struggling. Don’t be fooled by smiles and perfect pictures, everyone has a battle to fight. And no person’s problems are bigger than someone else’s. Be nice.

16. I need to stop buying white sneakers. Daniel. Ieqaf. Seriously.

17. Tomorrow is another day. Don’t give up. And finally… I learned that no matter what happens, how good you feel, how bad a day is… tomorrow is always a brand new day and you can turn things around.

And with all that said… I hope you’re ready for me 2018! I am not playing this year. LET’S GO!

Wearing Tommy Jeans jacket and top and Saint Laurent shoes. Photography by Bernard Polidano